House Reef 24 October

Sunday morning, and neither Dietmar nor I felt like working. No surprises there, so we geared up and hopped in for a quick dive on our house reef. Well, I did a quick dive of 33 minutes, Dietmar finally emerged from the water after 90 minutes! 
The visibility was pretty awful, as the tide was going out and flushing all the dirt from the mangroves along. Not many of our photos turned out, there was just too much stuff in the water. For those of you that have dived here, the little bommie on the corner, the one with the gorgonian fan, is the temporary home of a moray eel. Not a big one, and unfortunately, the photos I took are just too poor to publish. 

Slightly better is this shot of a purple anemone

Dietmar found this little beauty, have a look at how small he is. That's Dietmar's pointy finger in the second picture. 

Juvenile Flounder

It's only slightly larger than the first link
of Dietmar's pointy finger

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