Nusaum Island, 22 August

A Sunday morning dive at Nusaum Island brought up this shell that belongs to the Strombus family. The visibility was terrible, probably only 10 - 12m, so there wasn't much point in looking for big stuff. Instead, I had my head firmly down in coral and rubble, to the point where, at one stage, I thought "If someone wants to eat me, I won't know about it until I am inside the beast's tummy!" No nasty big things around here, though, other than maybe hubby, and he won't dare to scare the pants off me. Retaliation from my side would just be too big. :)

Back to the dive, though, where I found this little fella. According to Dietmar, who is an absolute shell nut, Strombus shells are very common. This particular species is not overly common, but common enough not to get too excited about it. Cute little animal inside, though, I just loved the way his little eyes pocked out of his home all cross-eyed.  

Strombidae Lambis millepeda

A little cross eyed....

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